Saturday, 4 January 2014

Plug of the month

From time to time I plug other blogs, so I have decided to make this a regular feature and to plug one a month.  Regular readers may at this point be rather traumatised by such a degree of organisation but then we're only in January - there's still plenty of time for it to go horribly wrong!
So let's start off the year with a mention of:
Being a sometimes decidedly vitriolic look at the gaming hobby through the eyes of a gamer, who has spent more time in fantasy worlds than the real one.

This appeared late last year and so far there have been 60+ posts.  The blog carries the thoughts and words of Mark Hides.  Mark was one of the first wargamers I met in Sheffield and so far he has tolerated me for over 20 years.  But don't hold that against him.  Mark makes his living from painting figures so his views are partly those of an 'industry insider'.  Do have a look at his rantings - and tell him I sent you.

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