Friday 19 December 2008

Notes on NATO Brigade Commander

It occurred to me that while I know what's going on in the game report and photos, other readers might be a bit baffled!

In NBC, a stand generally represents a company. For example, the 1980s British battle group in the photo has 2 tank squadrons, 2 infantry companies and an AT (Swingfire) co.

Warsaw Pact style stands usually represent half battalions. This is to reflect the fact that WP units are generally much smaller than their western counterparts.

The photo shows the Brttish battle group holding off Soviet tank and motor rifle battalions. The MR Btl on the right has just failed it's close assault test (hence the yellow badge of courage). The white crosses are casualty markers.
Most stands are my standard 30x40mm. The squares on the back of the stands are magnetic strip, so that the same toys can be used for Megablitz games. Leg infantry use 30x30mm stands and platoon sized specialists (recce, some AA) 20x40mm. Bigger toys (big guns etc) use (yes, you've guessed it) bigger stands.

WP battalions almost always occupy a single hex, larger btls 2 or more hexes. A hex (1km across in NBC) will accommodate whatever will fit in it!

Wednesday 17 December 2008

Hexon terrain

I have 3 sets of Hexon (a set fits nicely on my 3ft wide table) - 1 of the pre-flocked green/brown, 1 in 'desert' and 1 in 'snow'. The latter two I 'flocked' myself, starting with plain brown tiles.

The desert tiles were 'painted' with PVA and then sprinkled liberally with fine sand. Real sand that is - I bought a bag from a DIY store. When dry, small random dabs of PVA were applied and sprinkled with 'grass' flock. The whole lot was then treated to a matt spray varnish.

For the 'snow' tiles I used a similar process but with Woodland Scenics white flock. First I sprayed the bare tiles with a rough coat of matt white - this gives the finished product a slightly patchy effect, which at least to me, looks better than a neat pure white finish.

Tuesday 16 December 2008

The Battle of Rotburg – June 1986

This NBC (NATO Brigade Commander) game involved the lead regiment of a Soviet Motor Rifle Division racing to capture an airport near the small (and fictional) north German industrial town of Rotburg. The area was defended by two infantry battalions from a recently arrived British Territorial Army brigade.

Part of a TA Battalion takes up positions overlooking the east-west autobahn. Figures and Saxon APCs by GHQ. All toys from the collection of (and roughly daubed by) Tim Gow.

The Soviet Colonel (Martin Rapier) was told that he would be supported by the division’s tank regiment if he made sufficiently swift progress (units in Rotburg by turn 6). He also had hopes of help from an air assault brigade, most of which would need to be flown in to the airport.

As soon as they came under direct fire, the Brits (Wayne Thomas) could begin dicing for the arrival of an armoured battle group (2 tank squadrons, 2 mechanised companies plus AT and recce elements). There was also a flight of Lynx AT helicopters available on request.

In Rotburg itself, a Soviet Motor Rifle Battalion fails it's close assault morale test! It had been ordered to clear out the two TA Infantry Companies. (More GHQ toys)

In the event the reinforcement dice rolling was abysmal! While the Soviet tank regiment showed up quite early on, the British armour (under Nick Mitchell) only arrived in time to dispute control of the airport. Of the air assault brigade there was no sign. Clearly it was a poor day for flying because the Lynx flight didn’t turn up either, although as the game drew to a close there was a distant sound of rotor blades…

The final score was:
Soviets – 3 battalions lost
British – both TA battalions destroyed
Control of the airport was disputed, but the relative losses made this a clear (if not decisive) Soviet victory. Forward to the West!

Friday 12 December 2008

NATO Brigade Commander

NBC (snappy acronym eh?) is a game I've been tinkering with for a couple of years now. As the name suggests it was designed to allow brigade level actions to be fought out. The game uses 6mm toys on Kallistra Hexon terrain. Conveniently 1 box of Hexon fits neatly on to my 6x3 foot games table. So far NBC has been used to play out a number of actions from the 1990-91 Gulf War along with various hypothetical WW3 scenarios.

Planned for tomorow is one of the latter, with Martin Rapier and Wayne Thomas in attendance to command Russian and British forces respectively. I'll post a report and photos of the game over the course of the next few days.

Monday 8 December 2008

In the beginning...

After many (well, a few) years of threatening to create a website I have finally taken the easy way out and begun a blog. The plan is that this blog will contain details of my wargames and airsoft activities.

I find these days, however, that the greatest enemy of such activities is lack of time! Check back in a few days to see if anything has changed....