Monday 28 November 2022

A slow siege saga - part 1

On Friday and elite band (John A, Russell, Pete & Lloyd) again joined me to push some 54mm toys around.  The small force above was commanded by Col. Bogward who was looking a bit nervous...

...and no wonder, for a considerably larger force was gathering under the leadership of no less a personage then the Duc de Tartiflette.

Col. Bogward's force had been sent forward by the sinister Markgraf Besenberg from his castle in the walled town of Taptonhalle.
The good citizens looked on anxiously.
Many prayers were said near the historic statue of Saint Lloyd the Dubious

Will Col. Bogward's brave lads see off the attackers?

Has the Duc de Tartiflette remembered his siege train?

Will the good citizens of Taptonhalle notice the the statue of St. Lloyd the Dubious is only plastic?

    More excitement coming soon!

Sunday 27 November 2022

Virtual Conference Of Wargamers, 2023


What is it?

When is it?

Where is it?

What will it cost me?


Following the success of similarly events in the past three years, VCOW is now an annual fixture in Wargame Developments’ calendar.  VCOW 2023 will take place over the weekend of 3-5 February.

VCOW has preciously featured participants from four continents and welcomed many new and returning members, many of whom had in the past been unable to share in the COW experience.

VCOW is not a replacement for COW – the latter will take place as usual in July.


Details of sessions available will be posted on the WD Blog and this will be updated as more information becomes available.

Attendance at VCOW is open to the following:

Members of Wargame Developments

Guests invited by WD members


The cost to attend is a mere £10 - the proceeds will be used to help defray the expenses of WD's new website.

Booking details will follow soon!

Saturday 19 November 2022

Vindicator vindicated?

Here’s another recovery from July’s box of tricks. The Vindicator served from 1937 and was entertainingly referred to by crews as ‘vibrator’. I’m not sure what make the kit is - I don’t think Airfix made one. 
It’s had a full repaint and new decals and now looks - from several feet away - OK. 
How it was on arrival!

Monday 14 November 2022

Brussels Military History Museum - part 3

Following on from Part 4 of this report is (of course!) part 3. Oh come on, what did you expect?  Logic?

Here then is the WW2 section of the museum.  I've focussed on the Belgian stuff.

Utility B tractor and 47mm AT gun.  Lovely!
Citroen P17 halftrack
German 28mm AT gun - like the one in the old HO/OO Airfix sets!
Belgian T.13 self propelled AT gun.  Terrible photo as I couldn't get close to it.
The Utility B again.
A handmade wooden model Sherman
A Spitfire and V-1 display.  Just like my Doodlebuggers game!

Belgian recce motorcycle combo

Saturday 12 November 2022

Wednesday 9 November 2022

Sinai 1967 - a Megablitz game revisited

Last month's Friday game saw seven of us gather to play through the 1967 Sinai campaign with my 6mm toys and Megablitz rules.  I'd actually run this game back in 2000 and it was good to have two of the original players - John and Martin - present this time.  We were joined by Lloyd, Russell, Simon and Pete for an excellent day of pushing toys around, punctuated by a splendid lunch.

As well as the original toys, I still had my orbats and notes from 2000 so it didn't matter much that I ran out of time to do more research.  We started from the point at which the Israeli Air Force was returning from administering a decisive kicking to their Egyptian foes.  The action took place on three parallel tables, each 12x3 feet, covering the area from the Israeli border to the canal.  The action broadly followed the historical campaign.  In brief, following some unpleasantness in the north, the Israelis made good progress along the coast road.  Further south, an Egyptian armoured division caused some worrying moments with a spirited flank attack.  Eventually the Israelis got a firm grip of the situation and bottled up the surviving Egyptian armour in Sinai.

Thanks to Russell, Pete and Martin for allowing me the use of their photos.  I don't pretend they are in chronological order but should at least give the feel of the game.  For those of you as yet uninitiated in the mysteries of Megablitz, most stands represent battalion sized units.

The toys are a mix of GHQ, Heroics & Ros and Scotia.  I had treated myself to some new IAF aircraft but all the other toys were present for the original game.

An Israeli column rushes along the coast road.  The nearest stand is a logistic unit.
Fighting just west of the border.

Heading west at speed!  Some of the Israeli toys date from the late 1970s.

The IAF puts in an appearance.
Unpleasantness near the Giddi Pass.  Two Israeli brigades in action, supported by IAF Magisters.
A scary looking Egyptian armoured task force.
Another scary looking Egyptian armoured division.

Literally, heading them off at the pass!

A senior general flies to the front

My new Fouga Magisters in action

Some recommended reading.  I've had this since the '80s.
A relatively new book - very good.
A classic!
Another new book with newer orbats and nice maps.

Monday 7 November 2022

Plane brown box…

A couple of weeks ago I spotted a post on a motoring forum I frequent. A bloke was offloading some built aircraft kits in scales from 1/72 to 1/32. I sent a message saying that in the event of him failing to receive an offer of actual money, I’d be happy to re home them. While not exactly local, Ken (as I’ll call him in accordance with my usual witness protection programme) happened to be visiting the neighbouring county last weekend. Thus it was that on Saturday a drive into a dark and rainy Derbyshire saw me return with…..

…this box of mystery!

I unpacked it the following day and swiftly arranged to rehome the 1/32 WW1 models (3) with Tom, various 1/48 scale models (4) with Richard & Paul and then I got to the main business of the day - the 1/72 scale kits.  All beautifully built and painted to a high standard. And here they are.  Apologies as usual for the hurried photos.  

Stearman Kaydet, a US 1930s trainer. No markings. Not sure yet what I’ll do with it. 
Meteor. I really don’t need this but it’s sooooo nice!
Se5a. I’ve since dusted them all and added a coat of varnish. I think the WW1 models are mostly Revell. 
Sopwith Camel. 
A striking Fokker D.VII. The ‘camo’ is decals. 
Spad in unusual but welcome Italian markings. 
You can probably work this one out for yourselves! It’s very red. 
Fokker E.1 - like some of the others this has rigging wires made of thread. Well beyond my skills and patience!
Another Fokker D.VII. 
Bonus view of the eindekker. 

What a great collection. Well worth a couple of hours and 56 miles worth of petrol!  I assured Ken that all the models will get used and appreciated so expect to see them again.