Sunday 27 November 2022

Virtual Conference Of Wargamers, 2023


What is it?

When is it?

Where is it?

What will it cost me?


Following the success of similarly events in the past three years, VCOW is now an annual fixture in Wargame Developments’ calendar.  VCOW 2023 will take place over the weekend of 3-5 February.

VCOW has preciously featured participants from four continents and welcomed many new and returning members, many of whom had in the past been unable to share in the COW experience.

VCOW is not a replacement for COW – the latter will take place as usual in July.


Details of sessions available will be posted on the WD Blog and this will be updated as more information becomes available.

Attendance at VCOW is open to the following:

Members of Wargame Developments

Guests invited by WD members


The cost to attend is a mere £10 - the proceeds will be used to help defray the expenses of WD's new website.

Booking details will follow soon!

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