Sunday 17 March 2024

SA-10 ‘Grumble’ (s300)

Models of big missile launchers are always good for a laugh, so it was easy to persuade myself to get this lot painted. They are 1/285 scale models made by In Service Miniatures (or ISM) which was a slightly odd range available (for it seemed only a couple of years) in the early 1990s.  The SA-10 pack would have contained one control vehicle and three TEL (transporter, erector, launcher) vehicles.  Mine came off eBay a few years ago and two of the TELs are actually resin recasts.  Still, with paint they all look the same.  

With a range of 35-40km this lot can dominate the airspace over several wargame tables!

The castings didn’t look up to much but they took paint nicely. 

Saturday 9 March 2024

Marnach - Ardennes 1944 - part 3

As we return to Marnach, the US tank column has emerged from the woods - straight into fire from the Panzerschreck detachment!  The lead tank platoon is immobilised.
More Germans trying to flank the US reinforcements. 
Marnach by now seems securely in German hands

US AT gunners near Clervaux anxiously await a German breakthrough

By the time the US yanks got moving again the Germans were ready - and in some force.  Two platoons of Shermans were soon ablaze, while the woods were becoming dangerous.
It was all very dramatic!
And what of the US AA battery?  It too managed to get stuck and was soon overrun by hungry Germans
We concluded that the Germans had full control of Marnach and would have no trouble advancing to the west, while the remaining US units could do little more then harass them.  A most enjoyable game to run - and thanks again to my enthusiastic players who joined in from South Yorkshire, West Yorkshire and Iowa!

And when the 'snow' melted, this is what lay beneath!