Monday 12 September 2022

Verdun again. Assault on Fort Douamont!

PHW ran this game a few weeks ago.  He ran the French while Pete, Russell and I were the beastly Boches, with me as Div Co.   There is a full 3-part report on the Funny Little Wars blog starting here,  so what follows is simply a selection of my own photos, along with a couple nicked from others.  I provided a few French, about half the German figures, all the German aircraft and some of the terrain items.  

My Albadross flying a recce mission over some French artillery positions. 
More recce - my Hannover over the front line…..

…escorted by a Fokker.  Just as well really because….
The enemy have fighters aloft. 
Another Fokker swoops on a French recce aircraft. A French Farman nicely bodged from a 1/48 Vickers FB. 

The field of battle. 
My French ‘hommes soupe’ hurry towards the fort! 

Douamont was another of PHW’s museum-quality pieces. It certainly looked the part. 

The French gun line skulking under camo nets. 

Colonel Driant’s HQ bunker - the objective of the German right wing. It fell to a flamethrower assault. Very messy. 

Stormtroopers advancing!

Alas the fort remained beyond our grasp.  This is as close as we got. 
And where was the CO while all these brave little plastic chaps were at the front?  In my comfortable bunker of course, replete with grand piano and detached latrine.  It’s true what they say, war is hell. 

A great day out.  Many thanks to all involved, and to John H for fetching lunch!  

Friday 9 September 2022

Vivat Rex

A sad day indeed.  Like most people alive today the late Queen was a constant presence. It’s quite difficult to accept that her long reign is over.  Well done to her for such a long life of service to her people.  

All good wishes to the new King, Charles III.