Tuesday 2 July 2024

Chatillon, 1870


I ran this game a few weeks ago using a cut down version of Funny Little Wars.  Lloyd kindly provided most of the 54mm toys and I the terrain.  The original battle saw the French XIV Corps getting stuck into the tempting flank of a Prussian/Bavarian formation marching west towards Versailles.  Though rural and dotted with villages in 1870, these days the Chatillon plateau can be reached on the Paris Metro!  In the Northeast corner of the battlefield were the forts of Vanves and d'Issy.  The historical French sortie gave the Germans a few anxious moments but overall wasn't a great success.  This was very much how our game played out but it kept eight of us off the streets for a few hours!  The photos are from a number of the participants and myself.  Well done to all: Pete, Andrew, Simon, John, Fred, Bish and Lloyd.  

A French infantry regiment advancing.
A significant piece of terrain was the redoubt  - which I of course forgot to bring.  Pete set to work folding some bits of card and made this excellent substitute.
Prussian units assembling.
Bavarian cavalry and artillery.
French line and chasseurs - and some very worried Bavarian gunners!
View from the south - lots of French advancing!

Fort d'Issy.  Built in the 1840s as part of the ring of forts surrounding Paris.  Sadly by 1870 field artillery ranges had doubled, rendering these imposing forts rather redundant!
Prussian cavalry and artillery
The south-centre of the battlefield. German troops returning from the west.
Bavarians in the southwest skulking in woods.
The French 4th Div arriving from Paris
French line and chasseurs trying to look intimidating
Most of the French infantry were in fact ACW figures with 'paint conversions.'
The French had a window of opportunity when they outnumbered the enemy
French generals hanging around near the perceived safety of a fort.

A rather ambitious French cavalry charge goes in.  It didn't end well.
The terrain was a bit minimalist but worked well.  
Lots of French artillery!  The 25pdr was used for the actual firing.
French infantry doing their best to ignore the distant horde of Bavarians!
More French cavalry in action - and this time they have the numbers!
Bavarians trying not to be the meat in a French sandwich.

Vast numbers of German troops were arriving from the west.

In the centre the French were under pressure, with several units looking very tatty.


MGB said...

Brilliant stuff, Tim. Your mate has am excellent collection for the period. I think he is also utilising some of the sharpener cannon, which I've also found useful. They make several designs that work well with 1/32 19th century gaming. Anyhow, lovely photos, and the moulded forts set the scene.

Tim Gow said...

The artillery was from a number of sources - including, as you say, the famous pencil sharpeners!

Peter Douglas said...

Looks suitably silly and yet impressive. I have to say I found the carpet colour a little disorienting. It looks like it was fought at sea after both sides issued Jesus boots all around.

Pete. said...

This was a throughly enjoyable day's gaming.



Martin Rapier said...

That looks like kinda a great day out, I'm sorry I missed it as I do like the FPW. Well done to Pete on building the redoubt at short notice out of card!

Tim Gow said...

Peter Douglas
To be honest, when you are engaged with the game you soon stop noticing the carpet - this or any other. And a choice between a game on this carpet or no game is no choice at all really.

Tim Gow said...

I'm glad that even the French had a good time!

Tim Gow said...

Martin Rapier
Thanks - the redoubt was a joy to behold!

Graham Apperley said...

Looks a splendid affair Tim! Sorry I couldn't be there, but hope to join you again soon.