Monday 31 December 2018

Israeli Armoured Brigade for Little Cold Wars

I took these rather rushed photos of my LCW Israeli armoured bde as I was assembling it for last summer’s Gnuston Heights game. As always, please let me know if you’d like more details or better photos of anything.
Centurion tanks - mostly Dinky diecasts. M-48s to the left.
The whole ghastly mess. But then it was assembled pretty much from scratch in two months. From left: SP  Artillery btl, SRL btl, Reserve Tank btl (M-48 & M-51), two tank btls (Centurions), Engineers, Mech btl, AA, HQ, recce.
I have a real soft spot for tatty halftracks in Israeli colours. These are Solido diecasts.
M-51 Ishermans under construction (and bodging). These started off as Hobbyboss 1/48 M4A3E8 kits.

And with that, I will sign off for 2018!  Plenty more of this nonsense still to come in 2019.

Thursday 27 December 2018

Basically better Buccaneer - part 2

I’ve now finished the Bucc (see initial build here) and it will see service alongside the recently completed Canberra.
Here it is in ‘flight’ over the South Yorkshire veldt.

Wednesday 26 December 2018

Calamitously crappy Commie Canberra complete at Christmas

Remember the ghastly ex-Frog Canberra?  Here it is in flight, so to speak and wearing South African colours. Given its unpromising beginnings it seems to have turned out OK.

Monday 24 December 2018

Meanwhile, in a maternity hospital somewhere in England...

A friend of a friend is a midwife. This was on the status board when she went to work the other day...

Sunday 23 December 2018

Festive French follies

 Bertrand and I have plans for a game based on part of the 1916 Verdun campaign. To keep the French supplied we have picked up a few of these rather fine Corgi 1/43 scale diecast Renault lorries.  Originally bearing various commercial logos, mine have all been sprayed a similar shade of grey to that on the Berliet in the Verdun museum. I’m sure the barrels on the one at the back are essential military supplies....

Thursday 20 December 2018

Israeli mechanised infantry c.1973

I realised that having posted a report of the Gnuston Heights game (in  five parts, starting here), I still had some photos of the preparation which hadn't been posted.  My battalion of Israeli Mech Infantry was created with some figures of unknown make.  I'm not even sure what (if anything) they were meant to be but - to my dodgy eyes at least - they painted up looking reasonably like Israelis.
At the time I completed them I was having my drive re-paved so I had access to a pile of builder's sand for the photos.  Well you would, wouldn't you?
 The first company with still-wet varnish.
 The trial platoon in the open air.
Speaking of air....

Monday 17 December 2018

Tankette MkII

Following on from my post on the MkI tankette, behold the much (well, slightly) improved MkII version
As well as providing rather more spacious accommodation for the crew, some of it under rakishly-sloped balsa armour, the MkII carries two machine guns.

 Construction underway at the Peoples' Tankette Factory No.1.

The balsa was given a coat of a random paint to seal it.

  Scary, eh?

Wednesday 12 December 2018

Basically better Buccaneer build - part 1

As an antidote to the ghastly Canberra I cracked open this elderly Matchbox Buccaneer, expecting it to be a rather higher quality kit.
I wasn't disappointed - the crisp moulding and fine parts fit was every bit as good as I remember from the late 1970s.  Not that I could ever afford this kit back then!  I never quite understood Matchbox's 'innovation' of moulding their kits in 2-3 colours but paint will cover the ensemble anyway.
Speaking of paint, that's next on the agenda.