Sunday 31 January 2021

32nd Battle of the Isonzo - air recce


As the day draws close, both sides have dispatched their heroic aviators to photograph the enemy positions.  The Ansaldo SVA (above) is a pre-built Italeri model while the Hannover is the Airfix kit a built a few years ago - see also this post.  Both are 1/72 scale.

Italian preparations for the 32nd Battle of the Isonzo - part 2

The Italians sought help for their French and British allies in their campaigns against the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Heavy artillery units were made particularly welcome. Here we see a British heavy howitzer preparing to support the coming assault. Rather ominously the crew are wearing gas masks.....

The gun is an old Britains diecast, the officer a hollow cast and the loader a Del Prado or similar metal figure. 

Saturday 30 January 2021

Austro-Hungarian stormtroop battalion

 These chaps are mostly Armies In Plastic 1916 Germans with ‘paint conversions’.  Helpfully the Austro-Hungarian Army used both the German helmet and one of indigenous design which looks -  in 1/32 at least - pretty much identical.  

The machine gunner began life as a metal hollow cast figure.  An AIP head was grafted on along with a backpack and finally a plastic card shield added to the MG. The other chap was a WW2 Russian in a cheap Chinese set with an AIP head. 

Wednesday 27 January 2021

Italian Alpini

I have a battalion-worth of these old but very charismatic Dulcop figures and recently managed to coax a few in front of the camera.  Some might find fault with the rather flamboyant poses but I rather like them.  And they are, when all is said and done, toy soldiers.

And I'm not the only fan of these chaps - see also here.

Monday 25 January 2021

Austrian-Hungarian mountain battalion

Not to be outdone by my Great War Italians, the Austro-Hungarian Empire is creaking into 54mm action.  This mountain battalion has been raised either - depending on your degree of cynicism - from loyal mountain-dwelling citizens of the empire, or from some old Airfix WW2 figures with light conversions and a new paint job.
The A-H uniform isn't miles adrift from the WW2 German version. To several figures I added packs from the spares box.  The more obviously WW2 bits of webbing and kit were carved away and the paintwork includes the distinctive A-H black leather peak to the cap.  To my eyes they look the part - especially from 6 feet away!


Monday 18 January 2021

Italian preparations for The 32nd Battle of the Isonzo

 Bertrand recently ran a game set in 1917 and based on the many battles between the Italian and Austro-Hungarian armies for some sloping rock.  He hosted the game based on pre-planning carried out by the opposing commanders - Jack W (A-H) and your humble correspondent (Italian). 

Although there was clearly no need for my toys in this game I nevertheless photographed a few in order to enter more fully into the spirit of the thing.  And in the hope of intimidating the Austrians. The toys in question are all metal 54mm pre-painted figures I bought on eBay a few years ago. I based and varnished them.   I knew their day would come!

The staff. I particularly like the general’s ice pick - essential for breaking up glaciers to cool his Martini. 
The high-tech supply system. Or in extremis, lunch. 
Speaking of lunch, here the latest machine gun is deployed to defend the ministrone. 

I’m planning to run a version of this game in a couple weeks so full reports on both will follow after that. 

Sunday 3 January 2021

Soviet 76mm Infantry Gun - part 3

 At long last I have finished this kit, so here it is varnished and based for your inspection. The crew figures are individually based so that they and the gun can be used in other settings.