Friday 8 October 2010

Forthcoming Megablitz game!

Following a visit to a suitable venue on Wednesday, I am planning to run a Megablitz game in Mansfield (near Junction 28 of the M1) on Saturday 19th February 2011.

 The scenario has yet to be finalised (or written!) but I think we're due for another trip to the Eastern Front.

The game will use 20mm toys (lots of 'em!) and players will command divisions, corps or armies.

The cost of the day (including a buffet lunch) is likely to be in the region of £12.

At the present time I am seeking expressions of interest, with payment not being required until the end of 2010.

Please see also the Megablitz discussion group at which I will use to issue further communiques.

All photos in this post were taken during a 'live' game by Tom Mouat.