Monday 1 February 2010

New 20mm toys!

I have had a brief burst of painting 20mm scale toys.  These are the first I've done for a few months.  The kits were based and sprayed some (>2 years) time ago but I can't bring myself to confess how long it is since I actually built them.

First up we have 3 Valentines.  All are I think the ESCI kit although the tank nearest the camera has a resin turret with a 6 pdr gun.

Next up are more 'I' tanks, this time a pair of Matildas.  These are the trusty old Airfix kit.  The only addition is that of a commender figure by (I think) AB.
To accompany the 'I' Tanks we now have some infantry.  These are all the lovely old Dixon figures which match very well with 1/76 scale kits.  Incidentally, for Megablitz purposes each stand represents a battalion so this photo contains a Brigade worth if infantry and an MG battalion.
Finally a pair of Honey light cruiser tanks.  I painted three but for some reason only two made it into the photo.  These are the old but very nice Matchbox kits.  Although I remember them being launched in the '70s.