Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Painting 54mm plastics - a duffer's guide part 1

As regular readers will know, I have never laid any claim to any great talent on the painting front.  Though I can churn out toys in reasonable numbers.  But as Stalin said "quantity has a quality all of it's own."  And he should know.
Here then, following a flood of requests from at least three readers, is part one of my duffer's guide to painting 54mm plastic toy soldiers.  This post deals with preparing the figures for paint, which represents at least half the work.
Clean up the figures, trim away any excess plastic and if required trim the bases to fit the stands you'll be using.
Wash the figures.  Put the kettle on and while it boils run a basin of warm water with washing up liquid.
 Fill a bowl or mug with boiling water and another with cold water.
Many figures will have extremities which need straightening.  The bayonets of these CTS North Koreans are typical examples.
Using a set of tongs - ours are bamboo and normally serve to retrieve errant bakery products from the toaster - dunk a few figures at a time into...
 ...the boiling water.  The bent bits will straighten all by themselves.  This is also an opportunity to bend arms or legs to alter figure poses.
 Dunk the now very warm figures in the cold water for a few seconds.
Then chuck the figures in the soapy water.  Swiz them round a bit in the water as this will help de-grease the plastic.  I gather that some use a dishwasher for this purpose but ours never seems to have room!
Rinse off the soap using a colander and the kitchen tap..  Then tip them back in the basin and rinse off again.

 Finally tip the damp figures onto a tray covered with a clean towel and leave overnight to dry off.
After all this effort, and bearing in mind the kettle has boiled, it's now time for a nice mug of tea!  Make sure there are no toy soldiers in the cup first...


David Crook said...

Many thanks Tim - this will be very useful.

Does one have to use a specific brand of tea? Naturally Yorkshire Tea will feature I presume......

I have a minor sidetrack though - ships.

All the best,


Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Blue Peter needs you!
John Noakes would have been proud
"Down Shep Down!"

Tim Gow said...

David Crook
Mrs G and I favour Tetley Tea. The tea in the photo is M&S Earl Grey.

Tim Gow said...

That's why there are no elephants in this post....

David Crook said...

M and S Earl Grey? Presumably you need something to dunk the Cucumber sandwiches in...:-)

Chris Kemp said...

Dear Tim and David,

Sen Cha with Cherry is sublime if you can get it. Totally useless information if you do not like green tea!

Regards, Chris.