Friday, 17 May 2019

Japanese anti-tank rifle - part 2

With the wire concealed by paint the ATR looks er, pretty much the same. Still, as quick and dirty bodges go it’ll do for me.

Wednesday, 15 May 2019

Japanese anti-tank rifle - part 1

Building my Soviet AT Rifle team gave me an idea. Didn’t the jolly old Japanese have AT rifles too?  Thus another bodge was begun. I trimmed the barrel off an Airfix MG just ahead of the receiver and added a new longer barrel of stiff steel wire and a bipod from florists wire. It may not quite be the last word in accuracy but I’ve got away with worse!

Monday, 13 May 2019

Plastic Warrior show 2019 - purchases

 In my previous post I mentioned some purchases. There follows my full confession....
Above - the loot arrayed for your inspection.
The two kits - 1/35 Tamiya 20mm FLAK and 1/72 Waco glider were a tenner the pair. A good start!
The recent Fort Fisher game highlighted my dearth of ACW senior Yankee officers, so I was pleased to secure the quartet of Starlux’s finest - two mounted and two on foot.
A sextet of old Crescent Zulus was an unexpected - and frankly unlooked for find - but I couldn’t resist them.
Three old hollow cast Vickers gunners may be converted.  Into what I know not.
Some scruffy medievals and the pair of Charbens Russian mortars were cheap and useful.
The Edwardian medical teams are a mix of hollow and solid casts, nicely repainted.
The Barzso box contains only half a set (8 figures) of medieval figures but they were (by my standards) a sensible buy.
Italeri figures are getting pretty rare so I bought the set of Mamelukes with no plan in mind.
The box at the front contains some Marx Alamo figures. These are versatile and could end up anywhere. Even the Alamo...
To the right of that box is a set of Engineer Basevich Soviet women soldiers. Plenty of work for them in WW2 and later.
The Replicants figure is a bloke playing an electric guitar. He is apparently based on one of the firm’s founders.  It seemed like a good idea at the time.
The white plastic things are vacformed emplacements. You can never have too many.
Finally, the sandbagged horror with a roof was a gift from Brian. It could be just the thing for my Japs at Nomonhan.

Sunday, 12 May 2019

Plastic Warrior show 2019

I spent yesterday at the very splendid Plastic Warrior show in Twickenham, West London. The show specialises in 54mm plastic figures, though other scales and materials are always present.
This was my fourth (I think) visit and I once again shared a table with show organiser Brian Carrick.
Part of the joy of such events is meeting old (and new) friends, so it was good to chat with Brian, Anthony, Mike, Eric, Graham to name but a few. I was also sending regular text message updates to Bertrand - who was sadly stuck in a meeting in Belgium.
The photos were taken an hour before the show actually opened to punters but already plenty of toys and cash had changed hands. I did rather well shifting the ‘offcuts’ from a collection I had recently bought and plundered for the bits I wanted. I’ll cover my modest purchases in a future post.