Sunday, 10 October 2021

A Partizan view?

Today, for the first time in two and a half years, I attended a wargames show!  Partizan, these days at the Newark Showground, is effectively my ‘local’ show being only a 40 or so minute drive away. It was good to meet up with friends, notably (and apologies if I’ve missed you): John, Tim, Russell, Diego, Simon, Tom, Graham, Phil, Chris K, Chris A, Mick, Mark, Kayte, Terry and Bob.  And of course this was the first Partizan since the sad death of Duncan Macfarlane.  He was much in my thoughts.  

As always I was part of a team presenting a participation game. This year we had Tim C’s ‘1812’, which allowed a solo player to take the part of Napoleon and fight his Russian campaign in only ten minutes!  The game was set on a lovely map and used some of Tim’s beautiful 1/300 H&R figures.  

Diego (left, wearing my Napoleon hat) plays while Tim runs the game. 
The same game, with me seated to Diego’s left. Photo by Russell. 
Part of the map. 

The show seemed to be well attended. I gather that by 1200, a healthy 700 people had been admitted. Well done to the organisers!  The nice weather made queueing no hardship. Both of these photos by Russell. 
There were plenty of participation and display games. Here are just a couple.
Impressive 28mm fortress porn. 
I was pleased to see this Little Wars game with ‘proper’ old 54mm toys!
While there was a fair retail frenzy going on my own purchases were few. This assortment of paintbrushes cost a very reasonable £16. 

Sunday, 3 October 2021

Boomerang bounces back - part 2

Here then, is the finished Boomerang, resplendent in fresh paint and decals.  The latter were cobbled together from the decal box.  Above is the complete and finished model in 'flight', while below is the pre-varnish paintwork.  A quick win and an interesting little thing.

Saturday, 2 October 2021

Boomerang bounces back - part 1

More tatty plastic now, in the shape of this Boomerang. Although it’s not boomerang shaped.  If you see what I mean. I remember seeing this kit in Airfix catalogues but it’s the first one I’ve owned. 
It’s not in bad shape so should be a quick win. We’ll see….


Sunday, 26 September 2021

Show report - The Midlands Toy Soldier Show 2021


I’m not long back from this show - my first in two years!  Because of 1. COVID, 2. A change of venue, and 3. Fuel shortages caused by idiotic panic-buying, I had expected a quieter day than the old Birmingham show. And indeed it was. I’ve no idea what the door numbers were (or indeed used to be) but I know that at least a couple of expected traders didn’t show. 

Anyway, on to the good news. I had trouble free journeys in both directions - it’s about 70 miles and took 1hr 20 each way. Parking was easy - plenty of it just across the street and free. The lack of crowds made it easier to browse and allowed more opportunities to chat to traders - notably Patrick, Steve and Fred. 

So a nice morning out at a show which I hope survives and is better attended next year. 

The rather striking venue. 
A decent sized hall which could easily have accommodated a few more traders. 
‘Enough!’ I hear you cry. ‘What did you buy?’  Among other things some painted metal figures.  This rather charming box of French owes me less than £20!  

£2 secured this Irregular Miniatures Spanish Civil War militiaman. 
I couldn’t resist these khaki-clad Australian lancers.

I had a long chat with Patrick from the British Toy Soldier Co. Among his stock were some figures from deleted sets including these lovely Great War Scottish infantry for £5 each.