Sunday 15 November 2020

Soviet 76mm Infantry Gun - part 1


It feels like - and probably is - months since I last built a kit, so today I dug out this tatty box and set about the contents.  I knew it would probably be a bit fiddly as the gun uses the same carriage as the 45mm AT gun (itself a development of the German 37mm).  Gun aside, the appeal of the kit is that it also includes the limber, a pair of horses and five rather nice crew figures.  

Two hours later and the build is largely complete.  I have, of course, dispensed with several of the more delicate parts including many of the bits of harness. But so far so good. 

Sunday 8 November 2020

Remembrance Sunday

Despite the restrictions of  COVID, I’m pleased to report that Sara and I were among a couple of dozen people who attended the understandably short and rather low key ceremony in our local churchyard. 

I always feel uncomfortable about taking photos at such events so I offer instead pictures of a war grave Sara spotted in the churchyard. Aircraftman K Kent died in 20 December 1942 at the age of only 20.  That means he was born a mere 43 years before me - not much in the sweep of history. Makes you think.

Friday 6 November 2020

German armoured train

 The lack of recent posts was due to being mad busy with work and two family house moves (fret not, I’m still safely installed at Megablitz Towers) but happily my weekly games by Zoom/Skype have largely continued. Unfortunately. With so much of my work time and all of my gaming time being online, when I’ve come to compose blog posts, motivation has been sadly lacking. 

So here to fill the gap, and following on from the popularity of my Polish armoured train are some photos I took of my 1/300 German WW2 armoured train.  There are all Heroics & Ros castings.  The lead flatcar has been adapted to mount a ‘captured’ T-34 turret while that at the other end carries a Somua S35, again not in the colours of its first owner....

I wonder if I’ll ever use the whole thing in a game.