Sunday 30 July 2023

Island Life: Guadalcanal 1942 - part 2

Soon troops were on the move and it emerged that the Japanese had a small force actually on the airfield.  Both US battalions headed that way.  I should point out here that unless otherwise marked, all the ground was assumed to be waist-high scrub and general unpleasantness.  The trees marked patches of particularly dense jungle.  

The US CO (in the tent, top left) had attached an artillery battery to each Marine battalion. 
In a shock development, the Japs revealed a small armoured force, seen here picking it’s way across a creek. 
Some of those approaching playing cards are blanks - but which ones?

The US HQ.
US aircraft soon appeared and caused everyone on both sides to keep their heads down!
The Japanese HQ having a nice sit down. 
Combined arms!
Some highly educated grown men playing with toy soldiers. The sun bronzed head is that of Russell, the shapely knees are my own. 
A shot of the US forces before the Japs deployed. 

Friday 28 July 2023

Boeing P-26 Peashooter’ - part 3

Of course, with a plane as small as a P-26 you can’t have just one!  For the second I opted for an overall green (Vallejo US Green, if it’s of interest) which in combination with the Chinese markings I think is rather striking. 

Thursday 27 July 2023

Island Life: Guadalcanal 1942 - part 1

This was a WW2 played last month in Sheffield.  Five of us gathered to push toys around.  I  had very loosely based the scenario on bits of the Guadalcanal campaign but disguised this in the payer briefings.

Thanks are due to all the players (Russell, Pete, Diego & John) for making it such a great game and to the first three for the use of their photos.

Doug wasn't here but I have the figure so it seemed only reasonable to have him striding ashore. 

Japanese briefing
Following Japan’s attack at Pearl Harbor last December, our glorious forces have rapidly
extended the area under Imperial control. Recently the Imperial Navy has constructed an
airfield on the obscure island of East Pitkerro – part of the Mearns group. This will threaten
the supply route between the USA and Australia.
The American landing on the island a few days ago has seized the airfield approaches.
Retain or re-capture the airfield and expand the perimeter in order to make it useable for
Japanese forces.

The Jap forces amounted to a reinforced infantry regiment.

US briefing
Following Japan’s attack at Pearl Harbor last December, Japanese forces have rapidly extended the area under their control. Intelligence has been received that the Japanese Navy has constructed an airstrip on the island of East Pitkerro (part of the Mearns group). This would threaten the supply route between the USA and Australia. It has therefore been decided to carry out a landing in reinforced division strength on the island. The landing will be facilitated by a large US fleet and a flotilla of specialized landing craft. The Japanese will be defeated by overwhelming force, using a combination of courage and technology.
Capture the airfield and expand the perimeter in order to make it useable for US forces.

US forces comprised a 2-battalion Marine regiment plus some supports.

Me taking photos while John lurks in the background
Japanese aviation gathers
A US battalion: 3 companies, 2 MG platoons, mortar plt, Assault detachment, HQ.

The action opened with a Japanese air raid

Initially all units were represented by cards and only revealed as they became visible.  Further cards were used to determine the order of play.

Wednesday 26 July 2023

Boeing P-26 Peashooter’ - part 2

 Here is the finished P-26, resplendent in Chinese markings. I bought some suitable decals recently and the rather wobbly rudder stripes were hand painted.

Monday 24 July 2023

Boeing P-26 ‘Peashooter’ - part 1

I bought this kit recently as I have a game in mind. You’ll notice I haven’t claimed to ‘need’ this but I do at least have a vague justification for its acquisition.  

I remember this being launched as a Matchbox kit but mine came in Revell boxing. 

It was a pretty straightforward build with a pleasingly modest number of parts. 

I’ve also seen it in this style of Revell box. The US colour schemes are pretty wild but mine is destined for a different employer. 

Saturday 22 July 2023

Japanese 70mm Infantry Guns

These tiny guns were widely used by Japanese forces for fire support.  Being too mean to buy an expensive and fragile plastic kit and too impatient to order a 3D print I decided that scratchbuilding was the way to go.  In the end I built three of them and gave one to PHW.  
The crew for this one were adapted from the Tamiya Japanese Infantry set - often to be found startlingly cheap at under £1 a figure!

The second crew are cut-about Aitfix figures, complete with sword-waving officer!

The pre-paint photos give you a better idea of the construction.  Wheels were an issue but I had a (20mm) metal kit of a WW2 German 15cm field howitzer.  The gun wheels are wider then those of the limber but I can live with that. (The third gun had wheels from another such gun).  Barrels are plastic tube, trail legs bambo skewers, everything else random bits of plastic card.

Thursday 6 July 2023

Not so Lone Stars


More Lone Star Bren Carrier fettling now.  These really are charming little diecasts and tatty examples can still be found for under a Fiver.  Tatty is of course good, as even the smartest will need some paint.  All of these had a going over with a dark olive green, but first came the issue of crew figures.  These chaps are a combination of cut-about Airfix, Deetail and Lone Star figures - the latter from a peculiar tinplate amphibian.  I didn't want the toy (since passed on to one of the Little Cold Wars faithful) but the six hard plastic seated figures were a great find.  Two of the carriers are indeed sporting Bren Guns, while the others have bodged up Vickers Guns.  The figures were cut to fit and glued into place.  Then came painting.  Finally a coat of varnish finished them off.