Wednesday 19 June 2024

Heugh Battery revisited

I visited this splendid fortification back in 2012, so the need for a lunch/dog walking stop en route to northeast England recently had an obvious solution!  The battery is located on the headland at Hartlepool, which is quite a nice spot.  The exhibits are much as they had been but I figure you can never have too many photos of Chieftains or Ferrets.

From the observation post I kept a lookout for the High Seas Fleet...

The battery bears a more then passing resemblance to the Airfix Gun Emplacement.

This time I had the opportunity to visit the small arms collection - they have some interesting stuff.
The cutaway Bren was instructive.

They even have some weapons which visitors may handle.  Clad as I was in blue and red, the Lebel seemed an obvious choice!  They wouldn't let me have the bayonet though....


Arthur said...

French weapon. dressed French - how come your hands are not up aka where's your white flag? To my friends in the Legion, don't be annoyed - you know you are not French :-) Besides remember Kolwezi.

Tim Gow said...

The Lebel was carefully chosen using scientific criteria: it was by some margin the biggest rifle there!