Saturday, 19 November 2022

Vindicator vindicated?

Here’s another recovery from July’s box of tricks. The Vindicator served from 1937 and was entertainingly referred to by crews as ‘vibrator’. I’m not sure what make the kit is - I don’t think Airfix made one. 
It’s had a full repaint and new decals and now looks - from several feet away - OK. 
How it was on arrival!


jj said...

I think that's actually a vought OS2& Kingfisher. Sans floats. They actually operated them from land, on occasion, with floats replaced by fixed landing gear.

jj said...

OS2U, I meant.

ian drury said...

Very similar airplanes but that very tall canopy does look suspiciously like a Kingfisher's. A useful addition to the fleet nevertheless!

Tim Gow said...

jj and Ian
I think you’re right chaps! No sign of floats or attachments so it never occurred to me it might be a Kingfisher. And Airfix did a KF kit so it all suddenly makes sense.