Friday, 19 December 2008

Notes on NATO Brigade Commander

It occurred to me that while I know what's going on in the game report and photos, other readers might be a bit baffled!

In NBC, a stand generally represents a company. For example, the 1980s British battle group in the photo has 2 tank squadrons, 2 infantry companies and an AT (Swingfire) co.

Warsaw Pact style stands usually represent half battalions. This is to reflect the fact that WP units are generally much smaller than their western counterparts.

The photo shows the Brttish battle group holding off Soviet tank and motor rifle battalions. The MR Btl on the right has just failed it's close assault test (hence the yellow badge of courage). The white crosses are casualty markers.
Most stands are my standard 30x40mm. The squares on the back of the stands are magnetic strip, so that the same toys can be used for Megablitz games. Leg infantry use 30x30mm stands and platoon sized specialists (recce, some AA) 20x40mm. Bigger toys (big guns etc) use (yes, you've guessed it) bigger stands.

WP battalions almost always occupy a single hex, larger btls 2 or more hexes. A hex (1km across in NBC) will accommodate whatever will fit in it!

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