Thursday, 2 January 2014

Bold Breakout? part 2 - A Fletcher Pratt naval wargame

The action opened with the appearance of the German destroyer flotilla which - quite correctly - was sent to find the enemy prior to the arrival of the main force.  The RN on the other hand, floated on in line abreast.
Lutzow (right) and Eugen run into an early salvo from the RN.  The red hand carved bespoke shell splash markers denote hits, white are misses.
Having located the enemy the German DDs fled under cover of smoke.
One of the RN destroyers was soon having a bad day.
Lutzow drew most of the RN fire.  Although opened at extreme range it was pleasing to see fire being concentrated on a single target.
Another RN DD gets a pasting...
...and heads off making smoke.  Some of it voluntarily.
As Lutzow and Eugen closed with the enemy cruisers they drew a lot of fire.  Most of it aimed at Lutzow , but the close proximity of Eugen meant that she copped several overshots.  A lesson there methinks!
When it was sighted Bismarck attracted quite a bit of fire.  Most of it long range from cruisers and completely ineffective!
A pair of RN DDs got close enough to L and E to loose off a load of torpedoes.  Sensing impending doom, the German captains launched their own.
A hazy RAF recce photo of Bismarck under fire.
Hit by 2 torps, Lutzow sinks beneath the waves.

The final scores were as follows (only ships which suffered damage are mentioned):
Bismarck 5% damage
Prinz Eugen c20% damage
Lutzow sunk
Blucher 2% damage
Hipper 10% damage

Duke of York 10% damage
Cornwall 20% damage
Eskimo 5% 
Cossack 18%
Ashanti 75%
Afridi 60%

Based on their briefings, both sides claimed a victory but given that the RN could better afford the losses we decided it was a narrow British victory.


Arthur said...


Nice game, shows the power of concetration. And your sinking ship marker is sublime.

Will pass dog greetings to dog when it returns. Last seen fading into dusk with sally goat - suspect his food spiked with punch or too much beer. Ah well, normal bahviour, hear him howling at moon down in valley(didn't score), back in two days I suspect.


Tim Gow said...

I built more wreck markers last month

Stephen Thomas said...

Following the action, the senior German commanding officer gave this statement to one of our correspondents.

Ich war stolz wie Punch wenn ich wurde gebeten, das Team gegen die englische. Ich wusste, dass dies sein könnte meine große Chance, mich selbst zu beweisen an den Gouverneur. Also habe ich mich dafür entschieden, ein 4 - 2 - 3 Formation mit den Zerstörern herumschnüffeln auf der Vorderseite. Natürlich wusste ich, dass der Jungs waren ein bisschen nervös, aber das ist natürlich zu jeder großen Spieltag. Ich kannte die Jungs wäre mutig nach dem Kick off.

In der Halbzeit waren wir 1 nach unten, die Englisch, aber wir hatten ein paar von near misses. Die Lützow hat eine gute Show. Allerdings hatte sie verpasst, Ausbildung und wurde deshalb nicht in Bestform. Auch den kommandierenden Offizier der britischen Zerstörern sollte lesen Sie die Off Seite Regel.

Aber am Ende des Tages, es ist ein Spiel der beiden Hälften. Also erste Runde ging an den Briten. Davon abgesehen. Ihre 2 nach vorn sah sehr wackelig und Herzog von York nicht ein gutes Spiel haben.

Ich bezweifle, dass die Engländer sind über den Mond mit diesem Ergebnis. Ich werde mit der Führer in den Morgen. Ich werde ihm sagen, dass ich mich nicht krank wie ein Papagei.

Konteadmiral Sepp Herberger.

So then, it looks like the Germans are ready for the next leg and believe they will win on aggregate.

Pete. said...

I'm definitely up for levelling up the score, would be nice if the Luftwaffe pitched in to help as well.

The Lutzow needs avenging.



Don M said...

I'm with Pete where are all those damned Stukas when you need them?

Great game Tim, I trust there were
ice packs available for those sore

Tim Gow said...

Stephen Thomas
To save other readers the chore of translation: I was proud as punch when I was asked the team against the English . I knew that this could be my big chance to prove myself even to the governor . So I have decided , a 4 - 2 - 3 formation with the destroyers snooping on the front. Of course I knew that the guys were a little nervous , but that is natural to every big game day. I knew the guys would be brave after kick off

At half-time we were 1 down, the English, but we had a couple of near misses . The Lützow a good show. However, they had missed training and was therefore not at his best . Also, the commanding officer of the British destroyers should read the off side rule.

But at the end of the day , it is a game of two halves . So first round went to the British. That being said . Their two forwards looked very shaky and Duke of York does not have a good game.

I doubt that the English are on the moon with this result. I'm going with the leader in the morning. I 'll tell him that I am not sick as a parrot.

Tim Gow said...

The Luftwaffe? Over the sea? Don't want much do you?

Tim Gow said...

Don M
No 'real' casualties were reported - all the players survived!

Stephen Thomas said...

Oh the horrors of Google translate.

Did anyone pick up on the name of the admiral???

Sepp Herberger was the manager of German national side from 1936. :-)

Pete. said...


A seaplane to pick up survivors would be nice.



Tim Gow said...

Swim. It's character building!

Stephen Thomas said...

Tim said - Swim. It's character building!

Sticking with my football theme and I am very sorry but I couldn't resist this :-

"The lads on the Lutzow didn't look very happy when the captain told them they were all off for an early bath".

I also hear that Konteadmiral Sepp Herberger now regrets not putting his subs on at half time.

Steve :-)

Pete. said...

Done enough swimming to last me a lifetime....

Next time it'll be a glass of Schnapps as I watch them practice their doggy paddle.



Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Hard one to call for the Brits I thought Jerry had shaved it be saving the Bismarck