Saturday, 5 March 2011

Broken Square - game 2

As mentioned in my first post on Broken Square, we had time on Wednesday night to play a second game.  With things having gone so well for Gow Pasha in the first game, I knew that my luck wouldn't last! 
The square had no sooner set off than the front rank was rushing ahead and being ambushed by Ansar riflemen.
As soon as the square reformed a horde of Fuzzies charged it.
The Gatling crew wisely legged it into the square while the infantry poured a couple of volleys into the Fuzzy ranks.  Unable to cope with this sort of discipline, the Fuzzies soon ran off.
Soon the front ranks were rushing ahead - into another ambush.  The fools!
Inevitably, while the square was broken another Fuzzy horde appeared.  By now Gow Pasha's horse has been shot from under him.
A volley takes out the Fuzzy front rank but things don't look great.
A Gatling gunner's view of the war.
While trying to move to the side, more straggling occurs and more Ansars are there to ambush them.
After fighting off no fewer than seven charges and a lot of sniping the square finally reached the safety of the  river.  Losses were rather higher this time round - half the pack camels and a few infantry - and my horse!


Don M said...

I really like the look of this system I must say!

Paul said...

Damned fuzzie's! Nice looking game, an quite quick by the look of it.

A wins a win mate.

Tim Gow said...

Don & Paul
The games each took about 30 minutes and looked pretty good with Martin's toys. We are toying with the idea of running a version of the game as a perticipation game at shows.

Don M said...

I've been looking for a better rule set to play colonials, might have to give these a go!

Tim Gow said...

The whole game is in the current issue of Nugget - if you haven't already joined WD, now is the time!

Paul´s Bods said...

How did i miss this little gem and the previous one??? Bloody google friends thing...keeps playing up!!!!!
Nice little wargame

Tim Gow said...

You got there in the end - that's the main thing.

ian said...

Richard brought this to my place a few weeks ago. I was shot off my horse early on, a camel went down and the square fell apart crossing a wadi. They may have been a few survivors, now slaves of the Mahdi but I fear it's a lonely grave in the desert for Drury Pasha.

Tim Gow said...

I gather that following a game on wednesday (I had been posted elsewhere that evening), our old chum Armatys Pasha is now a guest of the Mahdi...