Sunday, 13 March 2011

M3 Scout Car

Another recently finished model is this M3 scout car.  This Frontline Models kit is a very basic 5-piece affair which took about 20 minutes to build.  Most of this time was spent on cleaning up the parts, and then I stuck the wheels in position with blobs of Blu-Tac before dousing these in superglue to fix them in place.
Er, that's about all there is to say about this.


Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Works for me, compares well against my ESCI version that took me a week to put together ;)

Al said...

mmm, nice looking kit

Paul said...

Great loooking wheels. I like the fact you left the roller on the front.

Nice paintwork as usual.

Regards Paul

Tim Gow said...

I have an Esci M3 - not one of the world's quickest kits to build! Mine has joined the Red Army.

Tim Gow said...

A good result for little effort.

Tim Gow said...

The front wheels are particularly nice - far be it from me that they are based on the Esci items...

Don M said...

Always liked the White Scout car,
funny that the English and Russians used more of them than we did! Guess
the M8 replaced them very quickly
in US service.