Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Corunna again - battle report - Command & Colours

The evening of Wednesday 23 March saw another outing of the Corunna scenario, this time with real players - so I got to sit down and have a rest.  Martin Rapier donned his imaginary bicorne and took the part of Soult, while Moore's little known dual personalities were represented by Jerry Elsmore and John Armatys.
As usual I'll let the photos do most of the talking.  For ease and consistency, 'left' and 'right' are from the French point of view, and most of the photos were taken from my vantage point on the left side of the table.  Clear?  Good. 
French heavy cavalry advance on the left - Martin made a much better job of getting them into action than I had.  Or maybe he just had a better run of cards.
The initial British central position overlooking Elvina.
The first dramatic cavalry charge!  The Brit line got the drop on the dragoons and they scuttled off.
Sharpe's lads face down the cavalry.
The other end of the Brit central position.
Brits defending Elvina.  This was (again) a really tough position for the Frenchies to attack.
On the left, the dragoons get down to business with some brave but foolish Brit light cav.
A change of tenants in Elvina but the Brits are still in control. 
A lone British battalion counterattacks the French...
...but is soon sent packing.
Meanwhile some great musketry from the Brits in and around  Elvina thins the French ranks.
The dragoons press on through Oza, on the left.
These dice were rolled by the French unit in the middle of the photo.  Medals all round!
A nice clear hill for them to advance onto.
Endgame.  Martin had set up this cavalry charge beautifully, but resolved another unit's combat first.  The latter ended the game and the dragoons were denied their moment of glory - but it'll go in the film version!
So another win for the French, but very close-run.  At the start of what became the final French turn both sides had 5 victory banners, with the first to 6 winning the game.  Unusually, no generals were killed in this game (even Moore survived!), although there were several near-misses. 
Talavera next - and enough British infantry for another two units has just arrived (Ebay), so I may be able to give the Brunswickers the night off.  Maybe .


MiniMike said...

Nice to see C&C..Good report and pictures. thx.

Tim Gow said...

Welcome aboard - glad you like the post.