Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Forbodian Foresters - part 1

More news from Forbodia now, and recruitment continues.  The Regiment of Foresters (woodsmen and natural hunters - very handy with a rifle) was assembled using  A Call To Arms ACW 'Iron Brigade' figures. 
On temporary bases and coated in PVA. 
The start of the painting process - green seemed like an obvious colour for foresters!


Conrad Kinch said...

Makes sense. I've found a coat of PVA answers admirably for large scale plastics. We used boat varnish to finish ours, but we were using nerf guns to shoot at them, so they were rather more battered then I expect yours will be.

Tim Gow said...

Mine get two coats of PVA to tone down the detail and at the other end of the process, two coats of quick drying clear gloss wood varnish. I don't know if they're happy but thet are certainly shiny!