Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Big Boys' toys - part 4

In the last of my posts on the collection at Shrivenham I present my photos of some of the APCs kept there for instructional purposes.

MCV-80 Warrior.
FV-432 with Rarden (30mm cannon) turret.  Only a few of these (13 I think) were built, and all served in the Berlin Brigade in the 1980s.  This one still wears it's Berlin camouflage.  During my recent visit this vehicle was parked outside. On a concrete road, next to a red brick building and under a light frost, the camo was extremely effective.
Mowag Piranha.  This Swiss-designed APC is in service in various forms with a number of nations.  It led to the Canadian Grizzly & Cougar, and the US LAV series (in 8x8 format).
View from atop the South African Buffel APC.. Clearly a high silouette is not viewed as a problem in the Veldt!  From left to right - Warrior, FV-432, Marder.  Nearby is a Brazilian EE-11.
Tony Hawkins (left) and Ian Drury form part of the Stosstruppe in the back of the Marder.
BV-206 all-terrain vehicle.
The driver's compartment of the BV-206.
The inside right of the BMP-1's troop compartment.  Compare this cramped horror with the photo of the Marder above.
BMP-1 (left).
BMP-2 - the 73mm low-pressure gun and Sagger missile combination of the BMP-1 has been replaced with a 30mm auto cannon and Spigot missile.
The (even more cramped) troop compartment of BMP-2.
Close up of the RH side.
And LH side.  Note the PK machine gun mounted to fire from under cover, and the AKs ready for use.


Paul said...

Nice post Tim, I wonder why no company has built a Bv206 in plastic...maybe because it is not sexy enough?

Lovely things to travel in (on ice that is...Flat ice).

Tim Gow said...

I too am a big fan of the Bv206 - though I bow to your practical experience of them. I think they are still road legal in the UK (I remember them being a common sight on the roads near RM Condor) and i expect my Volvo specialist could handle most of the mechanical work... I'd settle for one in 6mm!

Paul said...

Could be an interesting project Bv build.

Mojo said...

Ha! I almost forgot about those funny little Hägglunds!
During my service in the German federal army we had to install the Radios and other tech in these Vehicles...
Pitty me: I was not allowed to drive them :(


Tim Gow said...

Welcome - It does seem unfair that you weren't allowed to play with them. I hadn't realised that the German Army used them. When was this and which unit(s)?

west1871 said...

Some nice looking kit there.
Britannia models do a BV in resin but a plastic one would be great.

Tim Gow said...

I might have a go at converting a 6mm '206 from the H&R model of the Bv202. Maybe.

Don M said...

I know there is still at least one operational Bv206 in Scotland, saw it used in the making of the film
"Centurion" 2010, pretty good film btw liked that the actors really lived in the elements. I don't think
there is a 6mm one out there yet.
Think there is one in 15mm.

Tim Gow said...

Don M
So the IX Legion had BV206s and they still lost?

Don M said...

Tim Gow said...So the IX Legion had BV206s and they still lost?

LOL, so it would seem...)

Chris Kemp said...

Of course they lost - they were up against Mohecan/Pict/Avatar hybrids with bear claw necklaces and extra helpings of woad. Having a Bv to get you back to "The World" quickly is not enough - they needed Rambo. Ooh, is it time for my pink pill already? :O)

Tim Gow said...

Chris Kemp
I'll ring for the special nurse. Again.