Tuesday, 21 December 2010

The Battle of Britain - for real

I am greatful to Ian Drury for drawing my attention to the following.  Makes you think.

In case anyone missed the obit of the most memorable face of the film, The Battle of Britain, here it is. What an extraordinarily courageous man.



Paul´s Bods said...

A really nice bloke by the sounds of it...makes you think when you read something like that
Thanks for posting that

Don M said...

Wow, and I've watched that film I don't know how many times (own it on DVD)and always thought it was make up!

Another example of why they're referred to as "The Greatest Generation" here in the states.
Lived through the depression,
fought in WWII, and rebuilt the
world afterwords..

Tim Gow said...

Paul & Don
He does indeed sound like a nice chap. I too have seen the film innumerable times and can quote a fair bit of the script. Something to think about the next time it is on the screen.