Thursday, 30 December 2010

49 (West Riding) Division - work in progress - part 1

Some progress to report on another Megablitz division now.  This has been 'forming' for some time now - in other words, all the kit has been lurking in a box file awaiting completion.  The infantry were bought ready painted as part of a large batch of stuff I picked up at Triples in 2001, and I finally got round to basing them a couple of months ago - photo to follow when the division is complete.

The vehicles are a mixed bunch and include a few rebuilt from the spares box.  The photo below shows some of them in their as yet incomplete state and includes contributions from Airfix, Matchbox and an unknown resin manufacturer.
More to follow soon, when further progress has been made.


Paul said...

Good to see you busy Tim, and more 25Pdrs! Do you work for Airfix!

Bill said...

Like your technique Tim, looking forward to seeing these fielded!

Don M said...

Looking pretty good so far Tim!

Tim Gow said...

Obviously I need more 25pdrs! Did you really think 14 was enough?

Tim Gow said...

Technique? You flatter me sir. I'm not sure when they'll be used - I'll have to write a scenario.

Tim Gow said...

Don M
I thought a 'work in progress' photo would be useful to show the various stages of my process.