Monday, 27 December 2010

1/72 scale Airfix Bf-110 - part 2

More progress to report on the Bf 110 build now.  Construction is largely complete, and I have decided on a colour scheme.  The propellers had both lost blades, so I cut off the survivors and will cut circles of clear acetate to use in their place.

I have built it 'wheels down' and with the additional fuel tanks as that's how I finished the 'original'.  I think back then that it was a case of using all of the parts.  Ah, these happy pre-spares box days.
The blue I used turned out rather darker than expected but I decided to stick with it.  The final colour and marking scheme will be rather less than accurate but what the hell - if it looks OK it'll do for me.
Next time (with a fair following wind) the completed model.


Paul said...

Good progress Tim, I should be onto that Buffalo of mine...but am too lazy.

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Nothing quite like the excitement of glue on virgin plastic

Keep going Tim

Tim Gow said...

I shouldn't worry - the '110 took nearly a week! That's about 6 days and 23.5 hours more than my 'original'.

Tim Gow said...

Great comment - I'm sure your keywords will generate lots of hits...

Don M said...

I shouldn't worry - the '110 took nearly a week! That's about 6 days and 23.5 hours more than my 'original'.

It always take longer once you know what your doing ! Looking pretty good !

Tim Gow said...

Don M
I flatter myself that the accumulation of filler, sharp knives and 35 years of experience will result in a better model than I produced first time round.

west1871 said...

Looking good so far.The new Airfix tooling are bloody amazing.I have nearly bought every 1/72 aircraft they have released.

Tim Gow said...

Not that I've any intention of buying one, but I'd be interested to see the new Airfix Bf110.