Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Big Phil sorts it out

The first of two games I managed to fit in over the Bank Holiday weekend was this Command & Colours scenario using my 25mm toys on Hexon terrain.  The battle of Crocus Field was the culmination of Phillip of Macedon's invasion of Thessaly in 253BC.   Phillip II led the Macedonians, complete with their innovative new pike armed phalanx, while the opposition consisted of a Phocian force under Onomarchus. 
I played the game solo - a task made easier by the card-driven system which CCA uses.  My approach was to represent each side in turn as honestly as I could, although I confess to a slight bias against the Macedonians.  What could go wrong?
Above we see Phil urging his phalanx forward.  These are old Minifigs in all their bendy-piked glory.
The brave lads defending Greek civilization from the northern 'barbarians' included these rather splendid Hoplites.  I think they are Garrison castings re-equipped with very sharp wire spears.  I picked them up on ebay a few months ago.
The initial setup - Macedonians on the left and Phocians on the right.
The Phocian Army had the coastline behind it.  No pressure then.
As well as the heavier infantry and skirmishers both sides had several units of peltast-type troops.  These are Thracians in Macedonian service - part of my retail excess at Triples in May.
The hoplites stood firm as the bendy pikes advanced.
After some inconclusive skirmishing, most of the action took place in the centre where hoplites and phalangites traded blows.  Phillip had a worrying moment when half of his phalanx perished.  The Macedonian hoplite unit - antique Garrison castings in sinister dark armour - soon sloped off.
After a hard fought battle Phillip himself led the remains of his phalanx to victory.
A pretty historical result then, and possibly a vindication of this pike-wielding lark.


Ross Mac rmacfa@gmail.com said...

I think the long bendy pikes can reach around the other guy's shields. Cheating really.

Tim Gow said...

Ross Mac
That explains it all! Funny there's no mention of it in any of the scholarly works on the Macedonian and Successor armies....