Friday, 3 August 2012

Sea Venom

As has been mentioned previously, I have an idea for a couple of games based on the 1956 Suez campaign.  I confess that the thought of painting (more) invasion stripes in 1/300 didn't thrill me but I was won over when I discovered that rather than being black/white (as per the 1944 originals) the 1956 stripes were in fact black/yellow!  So we have a collection of exotic aircraft in silly colours - simply irressitible! 
Several squadrons of these Sea Venoms were in service with the Fleet Air Arm at the time.  The models are by Heroics & Ros and were nice clean castings.


Paul said...

Great looking birds Tim. I agree with the striking stripping.

I was tempted to buy a Airfix Seahawk the other day for a Suez game.

Ross Mac said...

Dance like a butterfly, be painted like a bee. or something like that.

Tim Gow said...

More stripiness to come!

Tim Gow said...

Ross Mac
Close enough Ross.

Anonymous said...

That's a cool looking plane, I never knew about.

Black and yellow are nature's sign for 'DANGER!!', so maybe they intend to scare their opponents.

Tim Gow said...

You'd probably have to ask the Egyptians about that!