Wednesday, 1 August 2012

SAAF Junkers

Another aviation oddity from the 1/300 collection of Wg Cdr Luddite now. 
Luddite writes - Ju86Z 12 Sqn SAAF East Africa 1941. 1:300 Navwar (conversion).

The SAAF converted these to bombers from a batch of 17 airliners (and 1 bomber) supplied to South African Airways before the war (fitted with Pratt & Whitney Hornet radials). They saw their first action against the Italians in Abysinnia
on 16th June 1940.


Paul said...

Those Boers, they managed to keep a voet on each side of the fence ne'?

Once again I learnt something today.Nice post and good work WGCDR.

Wg Cdr Luddite said...

You're welcome.

More obscure stuff to come...

Tim Gow said...

It is interesting how kit can end up on the 'wrong' side sometimes!

Tim Gow said...

Wg Cdr Luddite
Bring it on!