Friday, 10 August 2012

3 DLM - part 3 - Infantry

The infantry component of 3 DLM consists of these two 'regiments' of Dragon Portes.  That's motorised infantry to you or me.  The vehicles have been heavily photographed at Al's request!
This Chenilette L38 'Lorraine' is from the small but delightful range released by RAFM in the early 1990s.   The model comes complete with a small tracked trailer but I have drafted this particular trailer elsewhere.  Don't worry though - one of my other divisions has a Chenilette complete with towed appendage!  A quick internet search reveals that the range is still available - link

The other regiment trundles around in this rather stylish Laffly S20TL.  This model is a Reviresco metal kit which required a fair bit of assembling.  Happily it went together quite well.


Al said...

Awesome unit Tim. I have an RAFM Lorraine too, they are really nice models. In CD3 each platoon needs one, so a collection of 20 odd Lorraines is needed :) Great pictures, cheers

Don M said...

I thought the Laffly was a Reviresco...always liked the
look of those.

Paul said...

Weird a wacky, thats the French for you!

Nice little TOE.

Tim Gow said...

Rather you than me! I'll stick with small units but plenty of them.

Tim Gow said...

Don M
Style matters.

Tim Gow said...

Like the real kit, the models are 'reassuringly expensive'. No wonder they lost.

John Lambshead said...

Some interesting models there. I like the early stuff. Very characterful.

Tim Gow said...

John Lambshead
You can't beat the early war period for weird and whacky kit.