Thursday, 30 August 2012

1 Division Cuirassée de Réserve

Another of my 20mm WW2 French divisions now.  Four of these DCRs were fielded in 1940.  A rather tank-heavy formation, the DCR was a bit light on support elements and had no recce capability.  Above is the Div HQ and staff.  The Char B1 is the good old Matchbox kit, while the Citroen car is a diecast from the same company.  Figures are metal castings by FAA.
Two of the four tank battalions are tooled up with Char B1s, while both the 'light' battalions have Renault R-35s.
Only one infantry battalion is present - in another RAFM Chenilette Lorraine.  The artillery regiment is represented by a Hinchliffe 155mm towed by a halftrack (Somua?) originally built by JR using Airfix M3 and Sdkfz7 parts.
The logistic train features another of my fake Renaults  - and some product placement by Elf!
The complete division - compact but quite dangerous in the right circumstances.


Paul said...

Nice outfit Tim, more of a thrust rather than a slash Division.

The elf tanker is a nice touch.

Tim Gow said...

...or a bash over the head with a club. The tanker was difficult to resist - unlike most of the dodgy diecasts which simply get painted over, I uncliped the tanker body before painting the rest of the lorry. Just wait 'till you see the Perrier lorry...

Don M said...

very nice...I'm working on my version, need to pick up the rules ! are the base sizes standard?

Tim Gow said...

Don M
Standardish. Would a special post on Megablitz bases help?

Don M said...

That would be VERY helpful!

Also, they only made two of the Jap med tank I'm sending you, but I can give you four if you like,and you can do a non-historical unit.