Wednesday, 10 November 2010

More 20mm Soviets!

I finally got round to finishing off a small batch of Russian kit.  I had assembled, based and primed these models several months ago and was in need of a quick and easy project so I could say to myself (and to you, gentle reader) that I had finished something.

First there are 3 T-26 model 33 light tanks.  These were built from resin kits (four parts each) by Frontline.  Although basic, these make up into very presentable models and can easily be fielded with the Skytrex metal model.
Can you ever have enough T-26 models?  This trio brings my total to nine!  The painting process is as follows:
1. Spray paint matt black
2. Drybrush main colour(s) - Humbrol Dark Green in this case
3. Detail paint - silver for headlights, gunmetal for tracks and exhaust etc
4. Paint and apply markings
5. Rough drybrush of brown (for mud) on running gear and the lower parts of the vehicle
6. Light drybrush of sand colour (for dusty effect) all over
7. Flock base - painted brown and flocked while still wet
8. Edge base in black
9. Spray with matt varnish
10. Take photos to prove I paint stuff!

A 76mm model 1939 Divisional gun (well, a Regiment actually).  A Skytrex metal kit with crew by (I think) SHQ.
The '76 again.

ZIS-5 trucks.  More Frontline models.


SoA Shows North said...

Ooh ..Tim, you do like to pose us these difficult teasers ...

Er, um ... no, you can't have too many T26s.

Great series of blogs ... my only other prompt would be an occasional note of Megablitz-style strength points (not necessarily full orbats, mind ... but the odd clue)


Tim Gow said...

It was a purely rhetorical question but well done for getting the correct answer. MB strength points is an interesting issue - as the SP of a stand varies depending on where when and what it represents in a particular game. Full unit orbats are actually easier - I'll use a 1942 Tank Corps as an example in a future posting - stay tuned!

Robert (Bob) Cordery said...


This is turning into a great series of blog entries. They show how excellent results can be obtained for a modest amount of effort ... and some thought.

All the best,


PS. Your blog entries are encouraging me to get my own Megablitz stuff out to look at again. Can I afford the time to do it? No ... but it won't stop me!

Paul said...

Very good post, the T26's are ace. I think we paint the same way as well.

Tim Gow said...

Paul - thanks for the kind words but don't denigrate your own painting!

Bob - I have a feeling that the T-26s came from you originally, so go on - get yer toys out!