Thursday, 11 November 2010

Red sky at night

More toys from the Megablitz shelves now.  This time it's the turn of the Soviet Air Force or VVS.  Until relatively recently there were no models available of Soviet aircraft types, so my early efforts were confined to 'Lend-Lease' machines.  Happily we now have a modest range available from True North (now owned by Old Glory in the USA), Reviresco and F-Toys.

I'll start us off with the I-153 - the oldest type I have.  This is a True North metal kit and was assembled and painted by Wg Cdr Luddite - my standby when it comes to building bi-planes.
Another I-153, this time in improvised winter camo.  The I-153 was developed from the earlier I-15, from which it differs by having a new-fangled retractable undercarriage.  It'll never catch on.
Another True North model - this time an I-16.  Conveniently this is supplied as a one-piece casting.
My original Soviet air support - a Lend-Lease Hurricane.  This is a Revell plastic kit which certainly looks as it it's had a hard time at the front.
More Lend-Lease from Revell - this time a P-39 Aircobra.  Another very basic kit but it does the job nicely.
A Yak-9 from a largely pre-built Japanese (F-Toys I think) kit - at last my Russians can look Bf-109 pilots in the eye and not blink first!
So much for fighters - on now to bombers.  Once again I was forced to start off with Lend-Lease models.  Here is one of my pair of B-25 Mitchells hastily completed for a series of games at shows a few years ago.  Kit by Academy.
One of my (very) dodgy conversions now - an IL-4 built from a plastic kit of a Japanese bomber.  My guiding principle here is - if it's green with big red stars on the wings it must be Russian.
Another of my conversions - this time an SB-2.  Based on the same kit as the IL-4 but with the rear fuselage and tail hacked about a bit and the nose and engine nacelles cut down.  Needless to say this monstrosity was finished only a few months before Reviresco launched their metal SB-2...
You knew they were lurking somewhere - IL-2 Sturmoviks.  More from F-Toys.  First a VVS aircraft on the ground....
...and finally a Polish IL-2 in flight.
There will be more Soviet aircraft to follow as and when they are painted (so don't hold your breath) including Mig-3 and Pe-2.  If anyone knows of other suitable models or sources thereof I'd be glad to hear from them.


Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Nice Collection

I really liked the early stuff

Especially teh weather beaten stuff

Tim Gow said...

Thanks - 'weather beaten' is the only painting style I can do. If you can't make it look good, make it look scruffy.

Paul said...

Tim, this is great! A very good collection. I think we share the same principals as mentioned in the post.

Was'nt that Johnny Red Hurricane?

Tim Gow said...

Johnny Red. That takes me back! According to this his 'plane retained it's British markings. I can't beleive we're discussing this!

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

That Russian Hurricane gives me an idea for a nice painting project

Johnny Red over Killer Kane any day of the week

"I can't beleive we're discussing this!"

Better than German fictional super tanks!

Tim Gow said...

I don't know Killer Kane - I expect I'd have dismissed Buck Rogers as sci-fi, whereas Johnny Red is clearly an historical character. As to the painting projectI don't think I'll bother as my VVS Hurricane will always now be gteeted with a cry of "here comes Johnny Red". Job done.
Yours in never having grown up-ness,

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Killer Kane was Warlord the rival to Battle if my faded memory serves me right

Charlie's War comes to mind as another epic story

Tim Gow said...

Ah, that Killer Kane (blame Gooogle). Oddly I don't remember him at all, although I read Warlord for some years. In fact I always preferred Warlord to Battle - but then it was published locally by DC Thompsons in Dundee.
Wasn't there a 'good' German character armed, if memory serves, with an FG-42?

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Hello Tim,

There was an attempt at "Politicall Correct" Sven Hassel style character that only 'worked' because (in the Cold War climate) he was fighting the Russians

Unlike the U-Boat Commander series which was short-lived because it sank too much British shipping, including ambushing a factional KGV style RN battleship called "HMS Mad Dog" (I think) which instead of depth charges it fired its 14" guns to put the U-Boat pack off.

Oh those halcyon days of yore

Funny (as in peculiar) both were decidely anti-Nazi in outlook

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

CVharlie's War was a WWI in teh trenches full of authentic slang, but not the swearing