Friday, 19 November 2010

1/144 scale aircraft - Stukas!

My 1/144th scale Luftwaffe in it's quest for lebensraum currently occupies no fewer than four boxfiles.  Today's offering comes from the Luftwaffe 'Stukas and ground attack aircraft' box and consists of a brief review of the Ju-87 models therein.

My 'original' 1/144th scale Ju-87 - this is the old Revell kit which as revealed in a previous post, was missing it's canopy.  I made the replacement from balsa which has done nothing for the accuracy of the bombing.
The Revell kit again, this time painted for a chillier climate.
Another Revell kit - this one has so far seen action over North Africa, Sicily and Italy.
Staying with the Med, this is the Eduard kit (this and the next built and painted by Wg Cdr Luddite).  This is an altogether more sophisticated kit then the Revel offering.
Another Eduard kit - ready for takeoff!
A shamelessly posed photo showing the Stuka from the previous pic about to bomb some 6mm Polish artillery.   More Poles coming soon.
This is the F-Toys model, which required only minor assembly.
An Eduard kit of the Ju-87G-2 tankbuster.  Like many of my 144 scale models, this reminds me of an old 1/72 kit I built several decades ago (and long departed).
The F-Toys G-2, complete with swirly propeller hub.  Lovely.
That concludes the Luftwaffe Stuka force, but the Germans supplied them to a number of other countries and these are represented in my 'Minor Axis Aircraft' box.  No doubt they'll find their way in front of the camera in due course.


Paul said...

The F-Toys one seems very good...price?

Another great post.

Tim Gow said...

The F-Toys models (like all these Japanese kits) were only available for a limited period. Most of mine came from HLJ in Japan ( but they crop up on Ebay from time to time for around £5.

Paul said...

Cheers Tim.

Arquinsiel said...

I need to get a few 1:144 scale Stukas. How easy to find are the Revell ones these days?

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Impressive selection old chap

Tim Gow said...

I think you'll struggle to find the Revell kit these days - it's probably easier to pick up the F-Toys version on fleabay.
Thanks - it wouldn't do for them to be all the same!