Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Megablitz units - 11 Infanterie Division

This is the second in my series showcasing individual Megablitz divisions and in common with 2 PD, 11ID is a veteran of many games and several reorganisations since it's original appearance in the mid-1990s.  Like 2PD, the division is kitted out as it might have been in 1941.  All built and painted by me.

At front left we see the Div HQ and staff, in the centre 2 mounted companies (the Recce Btl) and the Pioneer Btl.  Top left are the 3 Inf Regts each with 3 Btls, the Art Regt and AT Btl and the Transport Column.

One of the Infantry Regts - this year (1941) with 3 Battalions, from 1942 with only 2.  Figures by FAA.
The Div HQ (left) with Hasegawa(?) Kubelwagen and Stabs Kompanie with Roco Unimog.  I know it's postwar but it looks right.  To me.  And it was cheap.

The divisional Aufkl Abt (Recce Btl) - here with 2 mounted companies.  This could equally well be made up of companies on foot or on bicycles, possibly with a (weak) light armoured car company.  Figures by Raventhorpe.
The Pioneer Battalion.  Under the camera flash the guy in the foreground has merged into the flock a bit (good field craft?) but he is in the process of lobbing a grenade into a Russian/Polish/Belgian/French/BEF (take your pick) trench.  More FAA castings.  Note that this stand should have two bits of magnetic strip to attach strength point markers to, not just one!
The all-important Transport Column - wagon, horses and driver by Raventhorpe.  I still can't paint horses.

The Artillery Regiment.  On average the gun would be a 105, but my divisions have everything including 75, 105, 150 guns, 75 and 150 infantry guns ands 120mm mortars.  150mm IG, horses and limber by Hinchliffe, driver by Raventhorpe, crew by FAA.

 The Panzerjager Abt.  These lucky gunners have ditched their door-knocker in favour of a nice new PaK 38 - lightly converted from the PaK 40 by Matchbox, who also supplied the Sdkfz 11.  Crew by FAA.


Paul said...

Another fine looking Division. Who cares about the Unimog-It's German after all.

Question for you; What is the conversion process for the Matchbox PAK 40 to PAK 38?

I have a few of these but reckon the PAK 38 is needed to suit my mid war forces.

Being a treadhead I cannot tell at a glance the difference.

Cheers Paul

Tim Gow said...

Calling it a conversion may have been something of an exaggeration! I used a Matchbox PAK40 as it is a bit smaller then the Airfix/Esci offerings. Also, it has solid wheels rather than the open spoked affairs more usually seen on the PAK40. I left off the flat shield which fits below the barrel, between the wheels. The shield should be curved but I couldn't be bothered!