Sunday, 21 November 2010

I have been to - Warboot in Stockport

As the name suggests, this was a wargames bring and buy event without the wargames show attached.  My thanks to Will ( for drawing it to my attention.

As well as chatting to a few people I managed to pick up a box of old kits.  A glance in the box revealed enough of interest that I concluded a quick deal, and it was only later in the day, after my return home that I was able to carry out a full 'stocktake'.  As well as a number of elderly Airfix kits (Buffalo, Matador, StuG, Scammel, Sdkfz 234 etc) there are a number from ESCI including M-13/40s and Semovente 75/18s.

I suspect the kit which tipped me over the edge was the old FROG Fairey Barracuda.  Although this is a 1/72 scale kit and that's not a scale I use, I remember building this very kit in 1977 while on holiday at my great uncle Frank's house in Caister, near Great Yarmouth.  I may even build this one for old time's sake.


Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Sure does look a bargain bucket

How did you sneak it into the house?

Al said...

Some really good stuff there, look forward to seeing some of it completed.

Fire at Will said...

Glad to see the rest of the kits went to a good home. Nice to met up with you Tim.


Paul said...

Awesome score there Tim, quite a few Opels in there to by the look of it.

Feeling envy...yep, it's envy!

Tim Gow said...

It was certainly the sort of thing which doesn't crop up very much these days!
Geordie - no sneaking required - my domestic authorities are very indulgent!
Al - I'm glad you only want to see "some" of it completed. I'll get round to it.
Will - I hope I can provide some of the kits with a good home - they certainly have plenty of company!

Paul - if you're jealous it must be good!

Paul said...

Too true mate, too true.

Wg Cdr Luddite said...

I made quite a few Frog kits when I was on holiday as a youth. Frog seemed to be more avilable somehow on the Yorkshire coast.

Fond memories !

Tim Gow said...

Wing Cdr
I recall the Frog kits being slightly exotic - I remember building the EE Lightning (with Saudi markings), Bf109F, Hotspur glider and of course the Barracuda.