Monday 19 February 2024

Pfaffing About - part 1


This was another of our 'Cold War gone hot' games set in the early 1980s and saw the debut outing (not counting solo games) of both my Austrian mechanised brigade and my Czech motor rifle regiments.  Above is a Czecho motor rifle battalion - GHQ infantry and Scotia OT-64.  I've owned the OTs for over 20 years but painted them only in 2020.  It doesn't do to rush these things...

The field of battle.  In NBC a hex is 1km across and a stand generally represents a NATO-style company or a Warpact half-battalion.  The game featured units of the Czecho 15 MRD - part of 4th Combined Arms Army - sweeping through northern Austria and up towards Bavaria.  While casting around on Google Maps for suitable terrain I spotted the area of Pfaffing and the scenario name suggested itself!  I ran the game and hosted the Zoom call.  John A led the Austrians while Martin and Michael provided direction to the Czechos.
NATO air recce photos shared with the Austrians showed mechanised columns advancing.  This is a whole motor rifle regiment.
62 MRR trundling on from the east.
The Austrian forces represented their last remaining Mech Bde.  And advance battalion of JagdPanzer Kurassier was soon joined by a battalion each of M-60 tanks and Panzergrenadiers, as well as a battery each of AA and artillery.
The town of Pfaffing was soon swarming with motor rifle troopers.  They were immediately under fire from Austrian infantry just to the west.
The Czechos were very pleased to see their attached T-72 battalion!
Things were soon pretty warm - with the MRB in Pfaffing exchanging fire with the infantry in the marsh - though the latter declined their commander's invitation to close assault - hence the yellow marker.
Meanwhile the Au tanks had deployed on the major road junction and were exchanging fire with T-55s and Sagger operators.
But here come the T-72s!
Another MRB advances.
By now the T-55 btl was losing the battle against the M-60s - would the Czechs be able to concentrate sufficient force to prevent the advance stalling?
In Pfaffing the original MRB was looking very tatty and the engineer co had also suffered (stands can generally take two hits)
While the M-60s had taken a hit...
...the T-55s were down to 50% - but the T-72s were in range!
When the last of 62 MRR had cleared the eastern area, the bridging units came plodding on.  The Czech CO wisely sent them to park up on a side road so they didn't get in the way.

The game was played over two evenings - this brings us pretty much to where we left off on Tuesday.  What will happen next?


Martin Rapier said...

Your photos came out much clearer than mine. I hadn't even noticed the labels on the towns in the game!

The Kuirassiers look fab close up, and well done on painting Austrian insignia on the M60s.

Pete. said...

Lovely toys Tim.

Enjoyed watching this one.

The Austrioa central front very much seems the forgottem front within imaginary ww3 battles....



Tim Gow said...

Martin Rapier
In fairness I was 12 miles closer to the table!

Tim Gow said...

Thanks - always good to get toys out, especially for a combat debut!