Thursday 22 February 2024

Pfaffing About - part 2


As we rejoin WW3 in Austria we find the engineer brigade 
parked up and awaiting a safer road to the west.
With the lead elements of the Czecho 62 MRR heavily engaged, 68 MRR sweeps round to the northwest.
62 MRR deploys it's artillery

An overview - all still to play for.
elements of 62 MRR bypassing the town
An airstrike goes in on the tank destroyers...
...who promptly fail a morale test!
Meanwhile the plucky motor riflemen of 62 MRR are pushing forward

The attached battalion from the divisional artillery rgt deploys their 152mm Dana SP guns.
Another airstrike - on both the Kurassiers and M-60s...
....with very new (this being 1981 remember).....
...and very old aircraft!
The result of the air strikes - the Kurassiers have fled and the M-60s are looking very battered.  The Austrian infantry are also withdrawing while the Czecho infantry keep up the pressure.
At this point we drew a veil over proceedings, the Austrians shoving off to the west to the next and final (in Austria at least) defence line.  Here's the final overview.

"Comrades, start your engines!" At last the order comes through to move forward the engineers.

A nice game which went every bit as well as I'd hoped over only two and a half hours of playing time.  I'm already working up the next game in the series.

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Neil Patterson said...

So can we expect a published version of NBC?
And if yes, when? ☺