Thursday 29 February 2024

Marnach - Ardennes 1944 - part 2

 The German forces had by now all arrived - two battalions of dismounted Panzergrenadiers (less their heavy weapons) and another two companies from the recce btl.  I used different styles of figures to help differentiate between the units.

One of the recce companies - deployed on the left.  And behind them...

...the second such company.
As the German advance elements reached the village, the US rifle company defending simply melted away.
Trudging along from the south, meanwhile, was the relief column...

...with artillery firing in support.
The Germans on the left dashed up the hill to stop the US reinforcements reaching Marnach.
The Colonel had seen fit to drive forward from Clervaux to order this AA battery into the fray.
Shermans grinding slowly forward.

Germans entering Marnach!
The German recce troops again...
... but what's going on up ahead?
Find out the final score in part 3 - coming soon...ish.


John Y said...

Both this and the previous post, are to me, everything that is wonderful about toy soldiers! The game looks great!

Tim Gow said...

John Y
Thanks John - it is very much what I wanted to achieve.