Thursday, 5 June 2014

Land Rover rebuilds

As part of my Little Cold Wars project I have acquired a few rather down at heel Britains Land Rovers.  A refurbishment programme is underway.  Above is the 'fleet' nearing completion.
Above - these are how the good ones looked when they arrived.  Below - a more typical example!  
The best 4x4 by far indeed!

In some cases I was able to dismantle the toys with a screwdriver which helped with the spray painting, but some of the newer ones are held together with a rather tenacious rivet.  More photos when they're finished.


Pete. said...

Nice- I wonder if my old one is lurking at my parents still- I may have to get it back, assuming the nephews haven't hidden it away somewhere....



Tim Gow said...

The LCW concept seems to have set quite a few people rummaging in parents' attics and sheds! Let us all know if you find it.