Friday, 20 June 2014

Play it, SAM.

The scratchbodged SA-7 Strela included in my Forbodian Peoples' Army battalion attracted several favourable comments, so here are some pics of the thing before painting which might help if you feel the need to build one.  The cutting mat is calibrated in cm.
I of course built three of them!
The 'gunner' is a chap from the Airfix German Mountain Troops set who was previously employed wavimg a bit of rope about.  That's no job for a grown man.  Helpfully he was already looking up at the sky - where hostile aircraft are most likely to be found!


Stephen Beat said...

Simple but VERY effective. Like it! :)

Tim Gow said...

Stephen Beat
Simple and effective? That's me! Only without the 'effective' bit....

Chris Kemp said...

"Waving a bit of rope about".

... otherwise known as "belaying". The chaps on the pointy bit of the rope are usually very keen on it :O)

Regards, Chris

Nice ground to air gunners b.t.w. :O)