Monday, 2 June 2014

Helo - I'm back

Posts here have been a bit few and far between of late - work, you know.  Despite that, I've not been completely idle on the toy front and spent part of the weekend past making a start on a couple of 'new' kits.
This Marks & Spencer branded AH-1 ('not just an attack helicopter'*) came with a few other kits from eBay and had clearly never been opened.
 Skill Level 3.  Age 8 and up.  No pressure then!
 I'm not sure how old the tooling for this kit is but so far it is going together nicely, with no flash and good fit.  Which is good news as I have another (in a Revell box) still to build.
The twin-engined 'W' variant was built for the US Marines so I will need to research camo and marking schemes while the glue dries.  Any ideas?

* For the benefit of non-UK based readers, M&S is a major high street retailer, mostly of clothing but also food and furniture.   'not just - whatever...' was the strapline from a recent series of their TV ads.


MSFoy said...

I didn't know M&S did toys - is this just a rebadged Revell, then? My relationship with M&S was soured a little forever (hardly their fault, in fact) since my first wife mistook them for some kind of church, used to tell me every day how lucky we were to share the planet with them, and set about a life mission of spending my entire salary on their premises.

That was a digression, but i feel better for having said it.

Tim Gow said...

Just so long as you're not bitter....
This is indeed just a re-labelled Revell kit. I've a feeling that M&S had a similar link with Airfix once upon a time. Airfix - now there is a real religion!

Paul Foster said...

Dirty sea grey. Really dirty (Think 11 year old schoolboy with a Mayfair dirty). Of course in the early to late 80's it was OD.

I look forward to seeing this.

Tim Gow said...

Paul Foster
Well that confirms a few suspicions about your sordid past.
I'll be going with an early '80s look so OD it is!

Pete. said...

A few ideas here if you fancy doing something different.



Tim Gow said...

Thanks. The 'W' variant is actually a bit late for the era (late 1970s) I have in mind, so it'll have to be a 'conversion by paint' I think!

itchy's wargames said...

Grey and Grey really

Tim Gow said...

itchy's wargames
A 'Z' that's even later! And not unlike my 1/285 version: