Wednesday, 18 June 2014

The dice were against me. As usual.

This was a game run by John A using his 15mm toys and a slight variation of the basic rules from the Neil Thomas book. I led the Russians and Martin the French.
My 'Grand Battery'.  
The beastly Frenchies skulking behind a hill.  The rotters.
I managed to create some early excitement by having my two Cossack units gallop about a bit.
The real excitement came on the left - where I sent my cuirassiers and hussars Frenchwards... crash into the enemy cavalry!
I had the better of the first exchange - assisted by unusually good dice.
Then the bloody French infantry had the nerve to shoot at me....
...precipitating a rearwards advance of the cavalry.
By now I was frantically trying to shift my slow moving army to meet the threat to my flank.
This could have been a nice killing zone... indeed it was - but sadly my chaps were the victims.  Bugger.

Still, a very close run game and a pleasant use of the 90 or so minutes it took to play.

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Don M said...

Next time use your dice! In all honesty I must say that I have never had a Napoleonic game
(using more systems than I can recall) turn out they way I expected even when I won!