Sunday, 9 February 2014

Anyone for Dennis?

Steve T has sent me photos of his recent Airfix Dennis Fire Engine conversion.  This is very timely as I have a couple of these kits awaiting inspiration and time.
 Step 1.  Buy a 1914 Dennis Fire Engine.
Most of the internals will never be seen, however Steve built the kit as per the instructions (novel concept!) in order to ensure the structural integrity of the finished model.
 At this stage Steve finished with the kit assembly and started to create his truck.
Plastic card was used to make the body panels.

The rear of the truck sports a plastic card tailboard and a closed tarpaulin made from a J-Cloth stitched 
down the centre.  Then simply add paint!

Steve has left the bell on board but this may be removed at some point.


Conrad Kinch said...

Very nice work that man.

Extremely neat job with the plasticard.

Col said...

A very inspiring conversion. I am waiting patiently for the Type B Bus as I have a few ideas for them!

Paul Foster said...

Its a winner!

Anonymous said...

Cool model, and nicely presented blog post of its construction.
Cheers for sharing.

Stephen Thomas said...

By coincidence, as Tim posted this report I have just today finished my second Dennis fire engine conversion.
Having learned from my experience with the first build I have made a few improvements on the second. These include leaving out the original rear section of the fire engine and replacing it with a proper flat bed in the rear of the truck with a working tailgate and an open tarpaulin. Both these trucks Mk1 ERIKA and Mk2 LILLY will be used to pull artillery for my Army Black and will make their debut on the battlefield in the Funny Little Wars Tannenberg game in June.

Tim I'll send some pics of LILLY in due course. :-)