Wednesday, 12 February 2014

More aid from the colonies

Fellow blogger and all-round good chap Paul over at Plastic Warriors has sent me more presents!
Firstly this fine t-shirt which bears the logo of the RNZAF.  I'm not really this shape - it was draped over a box for the photo.  I'm wearing it now though.  Wrapped in the t-shirt was a good old Matchbox kit of the Sdkfz 234/2 'Puma'.  I am planning to build this and add it to one of my Megablitz panzer divisions.  But not anytime soon.
So in one fell swoop Paul has addressed my shortages of dodgy t-shirts and German armoured cars!  Thanks old chap!


Arthur said...

Hi Tim

Must be nice to get presents - I never do sulk sulk. So enjoy.

But, clarity required on the following please:

1. is it the box or the t-shirt you are wearing?

2. on the t-shirt there is what looks like a long nosed chicken of sorts - what is it actually?

3. when a NZAF plane flies inverted, is it actually the right way up?

That Puma is a nice bit of kit; had a few in my time.


Tim Gow said...

You are clearly perceived as a chap who already has everything and who needs nothing more.
1. At the time the photo was taken I was wearing nether the t-shirt nor the box. The box wasn't nearly big enough to fit me.
2. I think it is a chicken. Perhaps they can't draw red circles?
3. Yes - until it lands.
Regards to you and dog from me and dog.

Nick Grant said...

Long nose chicken indeed...