Monday, 17 February 2014

Big lads' Napoleonics - part 2

Picking up where we left the action in part 1, the Frenchies are advancing in some strength.  The Old Guard (above) looked particularly impressive, but as we shall see later, their time will come.
The French gunners were constantly busy.
The ford soon became the hotly contested focal point of the battle.
Even Sharpe's lads had turned up!
The thin red line faces French skirmishers.

As the French surged across the river desperate measures were required...
This multi-national gun crew was led by 'La Passionara'
Soon everyone was keen to get in on the action!
The French forming the first of several squares.
I particularly like the 'before' (above) and 'after' (below) shots of the attack on this French square!

I have no recollection of how the battle concluded, but I do remember that it was great fun!


William McHarg said...

What rules were you using? It looks like 12 man units there. I have been looking for rules that would have the "toy soldier" feel, but not have really large units.

Tim Gow said...

William McHarg
I have no idea what the rules were - this was nine years ago! For what it's worth, I have played a number of successful games with 54mm toys using Paul Wright's Funny Little Wars rules, but with cm instead of inches and half size units - infantry in 10s and cav in 6s.

Springinsfeld said...

What a great looking game. I am really inspired by games like this and those shown on Vauban and Shandy .

Archduke Piccolo said...

Such a fun looking game! It's getting time for my AWI figures to make an appearance.

Rather than small battalions, I have decided that the few figures I have (twenty-odd on each side), would be better as one 'large' battalion (only two mounted officers - no other horse), divided into companies or platoons. Real skirmish or near-skirmish level stuff.

Just for a change, you understand.

Tim Gow said...

From John B (the host of the game) himself: I think the game was a refight of Talavera. The Austrians were there to represent either Spanish regulars or Brunswickers. I'm confident that we - the French - won: I was particularly pleased that as the commander of the French heavy cavalry reserve I never had to mix it in anything so vulgar as a fight with infantry!
The rules were a variation of some sort on Featherstone.

John Curry Editor History of Wargaming Project said...

The battle was a win for the British.