Thursday, 19 July 2012

I have been to.....Budapest

 I have recently returned from an interesing few days in Budapest.  More photos will follow, but here are a couple of the city's more iconic structures.  Above is the parliament building and below the chain bridge.


sebastosfig said...

I spent a few days there too, a couple of years. Nice city, full of history.

And I really enjoyed the subway line 1, the most ancient.

Arthur said...

Lovely city. Have spent about 6 weeks at the Sofitel just off the far end of the Chain Bridge on 2 occasions. And walked the hills, castles, citadels, Andrassy Ut, steam baths etc.


Tim Gow said...

There is certainly plenty to see. I never got round to trying the underground though.

Tim Gow said...

We stayed just off Andrassy Ut - near the Opera.