Thursday, 26 July 2012

Goodwood grounded

This was a game run by Martin using the Memoir 44 game system and his 15mm toys.  Typecasting applied, so pipe-smoking John led the Brits while I was the dodgy character replete with highly polished jackboots and duelling scar.
The Brits had many tanks.  Many many tanks.
Grim faced Landsers prepare to sell their lives dearly. 
The British tide soon rolled forward, and my detachment on the right of this frame came under pressure.
This was not an encouraging sight!
My armoured counterattack caused much consternation in the British ranks....
...and quite a few casualties!
The Tigers rampaged freely for a while - much to the relief of the beleaguered German infantry.
Soon the clump of Shermans had been thinned out.
I even managed to bring the new British garrison of the village under fire...
...and eventually cleared it.  The Panzers didn't escape unscathed however, and just when it all seemed to be going well for the Fatherland...
...the skies (inevitably) cleared and the Typhoons (my 1/144 scale model) swooped.  Bugger.
Happily my surviving Tigers managed to harass this infantry unit to death - clinching a great victory for the Reich!
An overview at the game end.  The panzers continue to roam freely in the middle while the British survivors skulk on their baseline.


The Ferrymen said...

Hi Tim,
Looks good, and looks like good fun too.
Are you using straight Memoir '44? Any house rules/tweaks?


Tim Gow said...

The Ferrymen
It's OK as a game. I can't comment on the rules - hopefully Martin will enlighten us.

Paul said...

Great report, nice looking set up and good to see some Tigers running amok!

Al said...

Great game with a nice mix of kit, good pictures too Tim

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Tigers always look "a mean son of a gun!"

Tim Gow said...

'Panzer' Von Gow rides again!

Tim Gow said...

All Martins toys, so he can here the deserved praise for 'em.

Tim Gow said...

Not as chunky as a good old Airfix Tiger - but big enough if your a 15mm squaddie!