Monday, 23 July 2012

Assal Uttar - part 3 - pulverising the Pattons

We join the action again as Will has managed to line up a very intimidating quantity of tanks - 7 companies and infantry - 3 companies near the Indian central position.  Help!
I meanwhile had managed to rearrange the defenders - with the infantry in the village and the Centurions (with the Brigadier frantically trying to rally them) and Shermans flanking.
The onslaught wasn't long in coming.  The Pakistanis who had plodded across the fields piled into the Shermans and a messy melee ensued.
The Indian infantry managed to see off the Pak assault but the Sherman battalion was nearly wiped out.
The level of Indian casualties caused me a few worrying moments but the bulk of the enemy had been driven off.
The Brigadier was soon on the move again - this time to rally the few surviving Shermans.
The Pakistanis had suffered considerable losses....
...and Will concluded that his forces lacked the strength to carry the position.

Although I had run this scenario several times before, the most recent was about 5 years ago so I had no clear memory of what had happened in those earlier games (I'll look for photos).  Will took to the game with some enthusiasm and proved to be a worthy opponent.  He is welcome back any time!
Finally, I should point out that the scenario was adapted from the one on Bob MacKenzie's website. 


Nick Grant said...

There's something about micro armour...very cool! Nice report.

Fire at Will said...

Thank you Tim, a great game, much enjoyed

Tim Gow said...

Nick Grant
These GHQ and C in C models are a real delight.

Tim Gow said...

Fire at Will
Glad you enjoyed it too.

Funny Little Wars - Garden Campaigns said...

Fascinating game - looks great as well. Do you ever deploy aircraft in this type of game?



Tim Gow said...

Funny Little Wars
Indeed we do - see Fixed wing, helicopters and even hovercraft!

Paul said...

A happy Indian ending Tim. Well fought out by the look of it.

Tim Gow said...

Will certainly made me work for it!